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The Broadway Communications Group (BCG)

Broadway's bi-monthly newsletter, its directory and many other village-wide efforts come from the Broadway Communications Group volunteers, formed in 2006. What began with donations from its members and a small grant from Awards for All is now self-supporting through local advertisements.

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The aim of its first effort, a bi-monthly newsletter, was to provide a way for residents, traders and visitors to find out more about the events and interests of the village: news, events, and general happenings. It is written, edited, and designed by volunteers of the BCG. It is printed locally (about 2100 copies) and hand-delivered by over 40 volunteers without whom this would be impossible.

If you are a club or business that would like to advertise in the Broadway Newsletter, details are listed (below the downloads).

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July 2006 (Issue 1) Spring 2006 (Pilot Issue 0)


All articles and and advertisements are due by the 1st of the month preceding publication. For instance, materials for the March 2008 issue were due by the first of February.

Please note that, for events, if you miss the Newsletter deadline, events may still be listed in the calendar section of this site. A contact telephone number must accompany any event. Ticket or event pricing is not included in the What's On section of the newsletter, as that would constitute advertising. For more information on advertising, please see below.

Advertising in the Broadway Newsletter

Distribution is to roughly 2000 homes plus many high street businesses in the Parish of Broadway, which includes Broadway and most of what we recognise as Childswickham. The BCG has developed a two page guide for advertisements in the Broadway Newsletter which includes sizes, policies, fees and recommendations to get the most out of your ad. Download the .doc file to edit inside our templates, or if you do not use Microsoft, download the .pdf file. Both files begin with terms and conditions which you must print out and sign. Please note: as of March 2011, we will no longer be accepting any insertions to the newsletter.  If you have any questions about Newsletter advertising, please contact the BCG, below.

Contacting the BCG

All aspects of the Broadway Newsletter and the BCG are managed by volunteers. Below is a list of contact points for various aspects of the BCG, which, iff appropriate, will respond as soon as it is able.

Editorial queries and comments


NOTE: The creators of the BroadwayVillage website provide an area for information about the Broadway Communications Group. Neither this site nor its provider, the Permutation Company Limited,, has any direct affiliation with the Broadway Newsletter nor the BCG.

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