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About This Site
This site was created in 2005 as an "electronic community" for the village of Broadway by Ian Harper, one of the principle organisers of the 2007 Broadway Parish Plan. Mr. Harper is also a founding member of the Broadway Communications Group, a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that is responsible for the bi-monthly newsletter, among other publications and events.

The site was originally designed to provide useful information for, "everyone who works here, lives here, stays here or simply passes through."

The Permutation Company
By mid 2007, the demands of updating the site's content and the need to invest in newer technology became an unreasonable burden for a single individual to maintain. In late 2007, the site and domain was transferred to the Permutation Company Limited, a small technology company located in Broadway. After a period of development and testing, the new, improved site was launched.

It is the intent of Permutation to uphold its original intent, to offer a electronic environment for Broadway, its residents, its business and its guests. Where possible, these services will remain free of charge to the community. Additional value added services are also available through this site for a cost.

Much of the active content on the site will continue to be provided by members of the public, most notably the Broadway Communications Group and the Broadway Parish Council.

Any information submitted through this site will be kept confidential beyond the means for which it was provided (e.g. your details cannot be BOTH private AND listed publicly in the directory).

It is not the intent of Permutation to individually identify users of this web site beyond the need to register certain details (e.g. directory entries, spam and phishing prevention, etc.).

Listings in community areas (e.g. the directory, clubs and organisations, calendar, etc.) are supported primarily by volunteers, and reflect the information given to us to the best of their ability.  Listing updated by the Broadway Communications Group are in accordance with the Data Protection Act and UK Law.

As with most sites, requests to the hosted server are logged, in part for demographic research to improve our site and, well, partly because it's interesting to see that xx% of our visitors come from, for example, Japan. Therefore, information gathered includes, but is not limited to, browser and version; O/S; screen resolution; IP address; ISP (and thus country/state); referring address/terms; and other offered by your browser to our host. Cookies are used primarily to store preferences (e.g. colours, font size, etc.) and to maintain login sessions (for content editors).

Information on any publicly-accessible page will, by the nature of the web, be indexed and become searchable by public search engines (e.g. Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Lycos, etc.).

Links and Usage
You are encouraged to link to this site from other places. However, without prior permission in writing from the Permutation Company Limited, you are prohibited from framing any part of this web site; from linking directly to or downloading/copying any images or downloadable documents on the site; from copying any part of the text for any commercial use whatsoever.

Much of the content on this site is provided by ad hoc by external and non-managed volunteers. This site is provided for information only. No liability can be accepted for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, because of information contained in this site or linked to via this site, however it is or is not used. We aim to keep it accurate but we are not responsible if there are any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. As such we do not accept any liability, without limitation, for lost profits, expenses incurred, direct or indirect or consequential losses, business interruption, or damage to any system or program code. Put simply, whatever happens, it's not anything to do with this web site, its owners, sponsors or authors under any circumstances. Ever.

Firstly, the Permutation Company Limited would like to thank Ian Harper, whose tireless work made this site possible. Thanks to the Broadway Parish Council (particularly former clerk Eddie Vickers and current clerk Kevin Beasley) for providing documentation and minutes on a regular basis. Finally, special thanks to the Broadway Tourist Information Centre, in the shape of Dottie Friedli and Glyn Price, who have helped with many of the listing pages.

Copyright and Editorial Rights
All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged. All information, images, external content, etc. remains the copyright of its respective owners. Clipart is the copyright of Microsoft Corporation unless otherwise noted.

Maintainers of this site reserve editorial rights to any information submitted to this site.

Your use of this site constitutes a full acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms and conditions listed.